Blind Screen™ 03 Double Track


  •  Low Threshold Walk On Track
  • Tuck Away Panels * Full length screen
  • Easy to Operate * Modern Contemporary Screen
  • Net / Fly Blind Screen™ Available
  • Thermol Honeycomb Blind Available
  • Full Black Out Available
  • Choice of Net / Fly Blind Screen™
  • Dual Operating System
  • Additional Choice of Honeycomb or Black Out Screen
  • Security Latch Option

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Introducing the new dual Blind Screen™ system – the perfect solution for doors and windows with anti trip low threshold runner. With this innovative new system, you can have a net or fly screen during the day, and a thermol 100% blackout screen at night. Simply pull your net / fly screen over in the daytime, allowing some privacy whilst preventing insects creeping in. When the evening draws in, by pulling your screen in the opposite direction to transform the system into a black out screen. The Blind Screen™ is available in a choice of Net / Fly Blind or Thermol™ Honeycomb Blind, both with tuck away panels for a sleek, modern look. Ideal for doors and windows, can go into spaces up to 6 meters wide as a panelled screen, the Dual Operating System provides maximum flexibility and privacy. So if you’re looking for a stylish and practical way to keep your home cool and insect-free, the Blind Screen™ is the perfect solution.

*Important – Net Screens if installed outside ensure nets remain open in windy conditions.


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